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Snapchat Takeover Guidelines

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Want to do a Takeover? Let us know! 


    • Those who takeover the University of Minnesota, Morris Snapchat are acting as representative of the University and are, therefore, subject to procedures and guidelines of the University of Minnesota, Morris Communications and Marketing social media team.
    • If a posting is deemed inappropriate, the University of Minnesota, Morris Communications and Marketing social media team will remove the offensive content and may remove the offender's access to the Snapchat account.
    • Content must:
      • Be positive about the University of Minnesota Morris and related experiences

Content will not feature:

      • Drugs
      • Drinking
      • Politics
      • Religion
      • Nudity or sexually provocative posts
      • Partying
      • Violence or graphic imagery
      • Obscene language
      • Hate speech or stereotypes
      • Bullying, libel, or slander
      • Advertising for commercial services or products
      • Posts that were taken while the person conducting the takeover was driving a vehicle
      • Individuals placing themselves in potentially dangerous situations
      • Individuals who have not given permission to the poster to be featured on their account
        • Additionally, someone who gives permisssion reserves the right to withdraw their permission within 24 hours of posting (after which the content disappears). If someone withdraws their permission and alerts, the Communications and Marketing team will remove the content.


In addition to following, hosts will not:

  • Look at other accounts' stories
  • Add or add back accounts
  • Open snap messages or snaps (unless they have been approved to answer questions)
  • Change account settings 
  • Share or change passwords


If the poster has been approved to answer questions as part of their takeover:

  • When a question is received (whether through snap or chat), answer it by posting to the story (do not reply privately). Put the question in text bar, and then answer with a video.
  • If inappropriate snaps or chats are received, inform the Communications and Marketing team as quickly as possible.
  • If snaps or chats that are unrelated to your takeover are received, please note the content and inform Communications and Marketing.

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