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Symphonic Winds gives first US performance of Sinfonia Aqua by Martin Ellerby

Simon Tillier
Publication date: 
June 20, 2021

UMN Morris Symphonic Winds, under the direction of Professor Simon Tillier, recently gave the first US performance of the major work by British composer Martin Ellerby, Sinfonia Aqua (2015). Dedicated to family, friends, and colleagues, the work contains the poetry of John Masefield, Mary E. Coleridge, and Henry F. Chorley, and text from the Book of Hours. English Professor Athena Kildegaard kindly provided the recitation for this performance. An unusual feature of the piece is the request by the composer to replicate the sound of a lifeboat foghorn in the final movement. Thanks to the inspiration of student Adrienne Kanihan and some design input by instrument technician Michael Odello, parts of the school contrabass clarinet were converted to produce the required sound. View the complete performance.