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Margaret Hayes ’18 Values Her Liberal Arts Education

Margaret Hayes
Melissa Voss ’20
Publication date: 
March 4, 2020

The University of Minnesota Morris takes pride in its public liberal arts education that it provides to students. A diverse, well-rounded education can open the doors to so many opportunities that future employers will appreciate within the job search process. Margaret Hayes '18 is no exception to finding great success and attributes it to her diversified education.

Hayes graduated from UMN Morris with a BA in French and medieval studies and a minor in English. She was interested in language and history but enjoyed all subjects, especially math and anthropology. She worked at the One Stop and was an officer in the Entre Nous French club.

Today Hayes works at Concorde International, a small engineering firm that designs parts and accessories for the powersports industry. As an account manager in an international industry, she found that having a diverse background from her experience at Morris was an advantage during the job search.

"I'm so thankful to work for a company that values my foreign language skills and trusts me enough to have a high-level position on the Finance Team," she says. "I don't think I truly realized how important Morris's liberal arts program was until I was able to apply everything I learned to my career."

Looking back, she would tell her college self to not get discouraged after graduation; that each job promised a chance to build one's skills for the next best fit.

"Your first job out of college will not be your last," she says. "Take your first job as an opportunity to realize what you do and don't value about the working world, and use that knowledge to find a better job fit; it will make you so much more appreciative when you finally find the career that works for you."