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24 Students and Faculty Collaborate on HHMI Summer Research Projects

Biology students with equipment outside.
Amber Siddiqui ’17
Publication date: 
May 5, 2017
The program prepares students for graduate work and for lifelong success in science careers.

Sixteen University of Minnesota, Morris student researchers will collaborate with eight faculty members in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Summer Research Program. The program prepares students for graduate work and for lifelong success in science careers.

Summer 2017 Projects and Participants

  • "Building Glycoconjugates from the Sugar Up"
    Alyssa Pirinelli, assistant professor of chemistry; Destiny Schultz '18, Andover; and Rachel Ulrich '19, Morris
  • "A mapping and petrology-based study of magmatic units around Rustler Peak, in the southern Cascades, Oregon "
    Stephen Crabtree, assistant professor of geology; Jordan Dahle '18, Stillwater; and Justin Chute '18, Grand Forks, North Dakota
  • "Donor-Acceptor Copolymers for Solar Energy Production"
    Ted Pappenfus, professor of chemistry; Andrew Helmin '18, Morris; and Wyatt Wilcox '18, North Branch
  • "Analysis of immune response following exposure to peanut allergens"
    Joseph Dolence; assistant professor of biology; Michael Phillips '18, Watertown, South Dakota; and Melissa Haseman '20, Evansville
  • "Directional Dependence and its Application to Bioinformatics and Public Health"
    Engin Abdullah Sungur, professor of statistics; Wahid Ratul '19, Bangladesh; and Rocherno de Jongh '19, Netherlands Antilles
  • "Investigating the influence of B7-H1/CD80 signaling on T cell mediated anti-tumor immunity"
    Rachel Johnson, assistant professor of biology; Mackenzie Schara '18, Fergus Falls; and McKenna Vininski '18, Faribault
  • "Investigation of the role of coarse woody debris in supporting macroinvertebrates in the Chippewa River"
    Tracey Anderson, associate professor of biology; Lillian Fulton '19, Bemidji; and Jennifer Peterson '18, Willmar
  • "Chemical and genetic analyses of plant growth responses"
    Stephen Deslauriers, assistant professor of biology; Nick Weninger '19, Woodville, Wisconsin; and Katrine Sjovold '18, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The Undergraduate Summer Research Program is supported in part by a grant to the University of Minnesota, Morris from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute through the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs. More information is available at