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Four UMN Morris Faculty Members Earn Research Awards

Jenna Ray
Publication date: 
December 7, 2018

Four University of Minnesota Morris faculty members received Grant-in-Aid of Research, Artistry, and Scholarship program (GIA) awards in the fall round.

GIA promotes the research, scholarly, and artistic activities of faculty and supports academic excellence throughout the University of Minnesota.

Morris Campus Recipients

Adam Coon, assistant professor of Spanish

The Serpent's Feathers: Nahua Philosophies in Migration

Michael Lackey, professor of English

The Irish Biographical Novel

Angela Hume, assistant professor of English

Lyric Interiors: The Ecological Poetics of Women's Health Writing and Activism, 1970s-Present

Nadezhda Sotirova, assistant professor of communications, media, and rhetoric

Never come back: Identity negotiations and the context of post-socialism in discourses on migration in Bulgaria

About GIA

Grant-in-Aid funds are used to support independent research, acting as seed money for developing projects to the point of attracting more complete, external funding. Learn more at