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Melissa Bert Named Interim Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management

Melissa Bert
Jenna Ray
Publication date: 
July 29, 2019

Melissa Bert, EdD, will serve as interim vice chancellor for enrollment management (VCEM) at the University of Minnesota Morris. The addition of this new position is part of a larger plan to reimagine enrollment management at UMN Morris.

"Everyone at UMN Morris is passionate about providing the best college experience for our students," says Bert. "I'm excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with the community to achieve our short- and long-term enrollment goals."

About the VCEM

A change to the campus organizational structure, the interim VCEM will work with campus partners to achieve big-picture enrollment outcomes for the campus. According to Chancellor Michelle Behr, Bert is well and uniquely positioned to succeed in her new role.

Bert has served as the campus's first senior director of institutional effectiveness since 2015 (and will continue in this capacity). There she has provided insight to support strategic planning, assessment and program review, accreditation, and more. She also has worked with offices across the Morris campus and University of Minnesota System on initiatives tied to student recruitment and retention.

About Enrollment Management

The interim VCEM will oversee a larger reorganization of enrollment management structures, staff, and processes at UMN Morris. These efforts include the following new initiatives:

The "Building a Better Student Pathway" Project

A group of staff and faculty are examining processes and communications around prospective and current first-year students. Their goal is to ensure that campus messaging and programming generate greater knowledge of and interest in the campus and support student success.

Transfer Student Services (TSS)

The new office of Transfer Student Services (TSS) will build support and programming for students who come to UMN Morris with previous college experiences.

Strategic Enrollment Council (SEC)

This new group of administrative and governance representatives will ensure students find clear and helpful pathways through their college careers.

Ties to Visioning and Planning

All of this work aligns with priorities and action steps developed during the campus's strategic visioning and planning work last spring. Roughly half of the top priorities that came from the process are tied to enhancing enrollment on campus.

"We are taking positive action to reimagine our institutional future," says Behr. "I am confident these changes will achieve success for UMN Morris and for our students as we bring our vision for the campus's future to life."

Enrollment management transitions will begin in August 2019. To learn more about visioning and planning, visit