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10 Must-Sees on the Morris Campus

The Morris campus on a summer day
Jenna Ray
Publication date: 
August 18, 2017

Just a few reasons why a bright future starts here.

Campus Mall

Campus Mall

Voted the best spot on campus by students and alums, the mall is one Morris landmark you don't want to miss! Winter, spring, summer, or fall, there's always something to do, whether it's playing in the snow, napping in a hammock, jumping in a bounce house, or studying in the sunshine.



Morris students' favorite napping spot, the HFA pit and its iconic couches are a sight for sore eyes at the end of a long day. The locals can get a little territorial, so come prepared to talk shop with the theatre, art, music, dance, communications, and history students you'll find there.

Student Lounge

Louie's Lower Level

First a cafeteria and later a disco, Louie's Lower Level is a study and relaxation space with tons of personality and history. Leave your mark on the free-speech board, shoot pool, or Snap the resident goldfish.

Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

A trip to campus isn't complete without a walk past the turbines. Morris is known for its focus on sustainability, and the turbines are an unmistakable reminder of what makes us a leader in the field.

Dinosaur skull

Dino Head

Did you know Morris has its own triceratops? Well, part of one, anyway. Stop by the Science Atrium to check out the replica and make sure to say hello to our pet snakes, Ramses and 8 Ball, on your way!



Minnesota winters can get a little long, but you can escape the snowy cold with a trip to the conservatory. It's a tropical getaway right in our own backyard!

A water tower with the UMN Block M on it

Water Tower

You know you're in Morris when you lay eyes on our iconic water tower. Can you say, "photo op"?

Brick sign reading "University of Minnesota Morris"

4th Street Entrance

Speaking of photo ops, the 4th Street Entrance is another good one. Welcoming you to campus all-year round, this spot is one of our most popular photo backdrops. Get those phones out!

Brick walkway

Legacy Walk

Morris's first Senior Class Legacy project, the Morris Legacy Walk takes you on a trip down memory lane—literally. Pavers are inscribed with the names of alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends who have walked these hall.

Students cheering in a football stadium

Big Cat Stadium

Home of the Morris Cougars, Big Cat Stadium is the best place to catch them in action. It's also the playing field for an annual Homecoming Tug-o-War between Indy and Gay Halls—winner gets naming rights to the "lake" across from the stadium for a full calendar year.

Students walking into a diner

Honorable Mention: Don's Cafe

It's not technically on campus, but Don's is a Morris institution. Home of the state's best grilled cheese (we're not making that up), they're famous for their homemade toast, perfectly golden fries, and 6-scoop, mix-and-match shakes. Don't miss this honorary campus landmark (and bring your stretch pants).