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UMN Morris announces 2022 Student Award winners

Sue Dieter
Publication date: 
May 16, 2022

The University of Minnesota Morris held its annual Honors and Awards program on Friday, May 13 to recognize student achievements.    

Acting Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean Peh Ng noted: "We are proud of the opportunities and access that we provide to our students, but we are even more proud of what the students do with those opportunities and access, both while at Morris and long after they graduate. Tonight’s recognitions—of accomplishments with campus, regional, state, national, and international implicationsattest to the wealth of ways in which Morris students excel and make their positive mark in the world." 

Three people on a stage, one at a podium, the others shaking hands

Chancellor’s Award

Presented annually to an outstanding senior on the basis of academic excellence and contribution to campus life, the chancellor of the University of Minnesota Morris makes the Chancellor’s Award selection after consulting with various campus groups. 


Claudia Iron Hawk ‘22 Tȟaópi Wašté Wíŋ


Curtis H. Larson Award

The Curtis H. Larson Award is conferred upon the graduate chosen as senior class speaker. The selection is made by faculty and graduating seniors. The award was established in memory of the late Curtis Larson, the University of Minnesota Morris’s first class speaker in 1964.


Chineng “Cookie” Vang ‘22


Fulbright Finalists Award

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program is the largest United States exchange program offering opportunities for students and young professionals to undertake international graduate study, advanced research, university teaching, and primary and secondary school teaching worldwide. The program awards grants annually in all fields of study in more than 140 countries worldwide.


Finalists: Abi Bartlett ‘22;  Maxwell Kivi ’22

Alternate:  Estella Acevedo ‘22


Morris Student Sustainability Leader Award

This award recognizes students who have displayed exemplary service to advance campus sustainability conversations and initiatives. The efforts of these student leaders have helped to create positive change with leadership that has been a model to others. Sustainability is a big idea that connects with our liberal arts leadership. These students have asked “big questions” and have worked to find solutions.


Lilian Sheng Yuan Sugimura ‘22

Josie Rehbein ‘22


Allen W. Edson Award

Presented annually in recognition of contribution to campus life, the Allen W. Edson Awards recipient is chosen by the senior class, the faculty, and the Functions and Awards Committee. The award honors Allen Edson, superintendent of the University of Minnesota West Central School of Agriculture (WCSA) and Experiment Station on the Morris campus from 1947 to 1958. 


Ava Allroggen ’23


Mary Martelle Memorial Award

Presented annually to a student and to a staff member deemed to have made outstanding contributions to the quality of Morris campus life, the Mary Martelle Memorial Award perpetuates the memory of Mary Martelle, senior secretary in the Office of Student Activities from 1965 until her death in 1976. 


Estella Acevedo ’22


Scholar of the College Award

Scholar of the College Awards are presented annually to students who demonstrate distinguished contributions to scholarship in one or more of the academic disciplines. 

David Ayers-Moran ’22

Abi Bartlett ’22

Elijah Bass ’21

Anitra Cronin ’22

Nora A. Fritz ’22

Chase Germann ’22

Isaac W Johnson ’22

Finn Kane ’23

Joslyn Kent ’21

Maxwell Kivi ’22

Erik Kjer ’22

Kenneth Knudson ’22

Clara Martínez Zuviría ’22

Cal Mergendahl ’22

Safron Milne ’22

Isaiah Nielsen ’22

Natalie Peterson ’22

Grace Poff ’22

Allison Pohlmann ’22

Jeong Ha Seung ’22

Sydney Swanson ’22

Vivian Vue ’22

Joseph Moonan Walbran ’22


Edith Rodgers Farrell Memorial Award for Undergraduate Research

Established by the family, students, and friends of Edith Rogers Farrell, late professor of French and undergraduate research advocate, the annual award is granted to a graduating senior whose research is judged by a jury of faculty to be excellent. 


Isaiah Nielsen ‘22


Bill and Ida Stewart Award for Racial Justice Advocacy

This award recognizes faculty, staff, and students who have displayed exemplary service on our campus in support of promoting racial justice, a supportive climate for all people, and positive, lasting change. 


Adeolu Ayodeji Atolani ’22


Honors Program Recognition

The Morris Honors Program focuses on providing opportunities for curious, creative, and intellectually ambitious students to practice interdisciplinary thinking. All courses in the program are interdisciplinary and are frequently taught by two professors. Students complete the program with an interdisciplinary capstone project and defense, and have an overall grade point average of 3.5 or higher at graduation.

Anika Eaves ’22

Katianna Feldewerd ’22

Chase Germann ’22

Rhiannon Glazier ’22

Jordyn Meyer ’22

Isaiah Nielsen ’22

Allison Pohlmann ’22

Lilian Sheng Yuan Sugimura ’22

Joseph Moonan Walbran ’22

Sophie Wieland ’22

Arnold Henjum Scholar-Athlete Award

Presented to a senior male athlete on the basis of athletic excellence and integrity, the award honors Arnold Henjum, professor of education from 1964 to 1992, who made innumerable contributions to Minnesota public education. Recipients must earn a minimum 3.0 overall grade point average.


Branden Carlson ‘22


Willis Kelly Award

Presented to a senior female athlete who exemplifies the spirit of competition at Morris in women’s athletics, the award is in memory of Willis Kelly, physical education coach and athletic director at Morris for more than 20 years. She was the first director of women’s athletics in 1975 and served as director of men’s and women’s athletics from 1982 until her retirement in 1987. Recipients must earn a minimum 3.0 overall grade point average. 


Jenica Moes ‘22


Honor Athlete Awards

Selected by a committee of coaches on the basis of academic and athletic achievement, recipients of the Men’s and Women’s Honor Athlete Awards have earned a grade point average of 3.0 or higher. 

Nathen Carlin ‘22

Carolyn Ruth Curtis ‘22

Jenna Howden ‘22

Kenneth Riley Jr ‘22


Cougar Excellence Awards

The Cougar Excellence Awards are awarded each year to one male and one female, fourth-year student-athletes who represent the best of Cougar Athletics: passion, dedication, athletic competitiveness, and academic engagement. Recipients have competed at the University of Minnesota Morris for a minimum of two years.


Kaitlyn Ladwig ‘22

Connor Oldenburg ‘21


William R. Scarborough Memorial Award

Presented annually to a senior in elementary or secondary education, the William R. Scarborough Memorial Award recognizes demonstrated competence and potential for becoming an outstanding member of the teaching profession. The award honors the memory of William Scarborough, former Division of Education chair, who joined the faculty in 1966 and made many contributions to the Morris campus and to public education in Minnesota. 


Katelynn Jepma ‘22


Alumni Award for Outstanding English Major

This award is presented to graduating English majors whose performances in English classes have been consistently superior and who have made positive contributions to the discipline or major in and beyond the classroom. 


Dana Voss ‘23


Keith Carlson Memorial Jazz Award
Presented annually to the most outstanding jazz musicians at Morris, this award is given in memory of Keith Carlson by Jack and Ethel Carlson. 


Marcus Demers ‘23


Brion Dalager Memorial Award

Established by the family and friends of the late Brion Dalager, University of Minnesota, Morris music student from 1969 to 1972, this scholarship is awarded annually to students who have demonstrated outstanding ability on a band instrument. 


Brystin Lamont ‘23

Laura Popelka ‘22

Madalyn Pretzer ‘22


Natalie Benoit Memorial Award

Presented to a junior or senior who demonstrates ability and shows promise as a serious art student. Given by George and Joan Benoit, former Morris residents, in memory of their daughter who was an art major studying at Penn State when an accident took her life. 


Melinda Cruz-Turcios ‘22


Lois P. Hodgell Printmaking Award

This award honors the late Lois P. Hodgell, professor of art from 1962 until her retirement in 1993. The recipient must show outstanding achievement in printmaking. Presented annually to a student who demonstrates creative potential in the field and technical understanding of a variety of print processes.  


Nikolai Bjerke ‘22

Ray and Dolores Lammers Award in the Language Arts

Established in memory of the late Raymond J. Lammers, professor of theater, and his late wife Dolores, this award is presented to seniors majoring in and demonstrating an outstanding undergraduate career in one of the following disciplines: theater, English, foreign language, or communication, media, and rhetoric. Profesor Lammers was one of the first Morris faculty members and figured prominently in the creation of the theater major and theater program. 


Estella Acevedo ‘22

Natalie Peterson ‘22


Abbott Award in Physics

Presented to a graduating senior physics major with the greatest potential of achieving a professional career in physics or a physics-related field, the award was established by the late Robinson Abbott, professor of biology from 1961 to 1991, and his wife, Rose Marie, who taught Morris biology courses, to recognize the importance Morris played in their lives. All four Abbott children graduated from Morris, three with physics majors. 


Kenneth Charles (KJ) Riley ‘22


Jay Y. Roshal Award
Presented to a senior student majoring in biology who demonstrates the most promise and interest in a career in the biological sciences, the award is in honor of the late Jay Roshal, professor of biology from 1960 to 1983 and the first University of Minnesota, Morris Division of Sciences and Mathematics chair. 


Sophie Wieland ‘22


Jim Winter Ecology Award

Established by Jim Winter, a native of Morris who earned a B.A. in Biology in 1968 from the UMN Morris and graduate degrees from the University of Minnesota, this award provides financial support to juniors and seniors who are interested in attending graduate school to study ecology or in working in the field of ecology and have a background with demonstrated academic success in ecology. Award preference is for students who have conducted undergraduate research, worked and/or volunteered on science projects, or presented a paper at a science conference.


Noelle Muzzy ’23


spdf Chemistry Award

The annual spdf Award is given to a senior chemistry major demonstrating outstanding scholarship, potential, and service in chemistry. Chemistry students know that the letters s,p,d,f refer to the internal structure of the atom as determined by experiment and theory. Historically, the letters were nothing but labels for colors of light emitted or absorbed by atoms when the internal structure was unknown.


Vivian Vue ‘22


Clemens “Johnny” Brauer Memorial Award
Established by former colleagues and students to honor the memory of Clemens Brauer, associate professor of geology from 1966 to 1981, the award supports geology majors in their educational pursuits at the University of Minnesota Morris by providing financial assistance to cover field camp expenses. Recipients must exhibit academic excellence and plan a professional or academic career in geological sciences. 


Jackie Holman ‘23


Anthropology Award

The Anthropology Research Award is given to an Anthropology major who has shown exceptional ability for independent research. The award is given to a student with fewer than 90 credits toward graduation and includes monetary support for conducting research or presenting research at a professional meeting.


Carli King ‘23


Chris Berg Memorial Award
Presented annually to an outstanding senior economics major demonstrating academic excellence in that field, this award is presented by the University of Minnesota Morris economics/management faculty in memory of their colleague, Chris Berg, one of UMN Morris's early economics faculty.


Darian Paulson ’22


UMM Management/Economics Alumni Award

This award is presented to a graduating discipline senior who has achieved academic excellence and has provided service to the discipline and the Morris campus. It is funded through collective alumni gifts to the management/economics discipline.


Bailey Madsen ’22


Ted and Judith Underwood Award in History

Presented to a graduating senior with a major or minor in history or a history concentration in the social science major who has demonstrated distinguished academic performance in history, the award is named for Dr. Ted L. and Judith Underwood. Ted served the University of Minnesota Morris as an outstanding scholar, teacher, and administrator from 1967 until his retirement in 1999.  Judith completed a degree in education at University of Minnesota Morris in 1971 and pursued a successful career in education in the Minneapolis area from 1973 to 1999.  


Ethan Quah Simmons ’22


Mimi Frenier Awards in GWSS

This award was established by colleagues, students, alumni, friends, and the University of Minnesota Morris Commission on Women in recognition of Professor Emeritus of History Mariam Frenier’s dedication to Morris and in appreciation for her contributions to the development of the gender, women, and sexuality studies major. It is annually granted to a junior or senior majoring in gender, women, and sexuality studies major in recognition of high academic achievement, and social, political, and civic activism.


Sam Fellers ’22


Gieske Academic Award

Offered annually to outstanding political science majors in their senior year, this award is given to students who have exceptional records of accomplishments at the University of Minnesota Morris as well as strong prospects for success after graduation. The award is in memory of Millard Gieske who was a professor in political science for more than 15 years. He served as acting chair of the Division of the Social Sciences, was a respected leader in many professional organizations, and the author of many political works. 


Isaiah Nielsen ’22


Outstanding Graduate in Psychology Award

The Outstanding Graduate in Psychology Award is given annually to seniors graduating with psychology majors. Recipients who receive this award have excelled in the following areas: scholarship, research experience, and participation in the psychology discipline. 


Jeong Ha Seung ’22


Sociology Book Award

Awarded to an outstanding sociology student, this honor recognizes academic excellence and active engagement in the field of sociology.    


Jordyn Meyer ’22