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The Love Issue

We love to see alumni back on campus! This month Morris will welcome over 70 alumni volunteers at the annual Community of Scholars event, where they'll have a chance to share in the excitement of identifying Morris's next class of student leaders.

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The Power of Philanthropy

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Welcome to the University of Minnesota Presidents Club

We welcome Linda K. Dahlen, Lyle Hoxtell, S. R. Maxeiner Jr. in memory of Patricia M. Maxeiner, Sheryl D. Breen, and Dean N. Travland to the University of Minnesota Presidents Club Heritage Society. If you have included Morris in your estate gift planning or would like more information, please contact Bill Robb, development officer, at 320-589-6387 or billrobb@morris.umn.edu.

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The grant will increase the educational attainment of American Indian students by eliminating college achievement gaps.

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